Grimm Records and its ever growing collective of artists constantly push limits with digital technology to old times, and put their listener into a magic world where everything is possible, exploring a limitless world. As a collective, Grimm is a crew of producers and Dj’s staying true to their own individual journeys into the unknown territories of sound exploration, whilst expressing themselves in a pure form of energy vibration. Our particular rain forest soundscapes combines natural sounds like dry wood of trees moving slowly in the wind, birds singing as the sun rises, synths are turned into leaves, branches, water, rivers and waterfalls showing you the dark and bright aspects of nature as a force itself using the music to create an atmospheric feeling, almost like being swallowed by the forest itself. Each individual artist has their own unique stories to share, presented your own style with pure and dirty new electronic out-of-this-world waveforms. Music made for the body, mind and spirit. Grimm Records invites you to a new world of psychedelic trance music.