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Acid Tricks

Acid tricks is Vinicius Menezes a.k.a Vinney’s new solo project, one of the heads behind the dark progressive live Stoned Aliens.
Over a decade immersed in the psychedelic scene, Vinney brings together all of his experiences unfolding in order to express the perception feelings and influences of his music .
The intention is to create a full psychedelic sound directed to the dance floors, free of titles and labels , mixing styles .
Done with strong and groove basslines , organic textures , melted melodies and spooky ambiences, Acid tricks invites you to a journey thought sound into the deepest psychedelic realms of consciousness, where the content of experience is limitless and transcend the verbal concepts, spacetime dimensions, and the ego or identity.
Among his influences are Atriohm, Encephalopatics, Arjuna, Jahbo, Derango, Krussedull, Jangaramongara, Petran, Kaos, Gu, Elowinz , Kervelin, Koala, Gidra, Cenotes, Farebi Jalebi, Magic Seeds, Orestis, Zik, Ajja, Trold, Imaginary sigth, Rastaliens, Artax, Hux Flux, Deviant Species, Gora Chandra, Reality Grid, E.V.P , Archaic, Penta, Ianuaria, Yab-Yum, Psyside, Serious Porn Collector, Hellquist, Tetrameth, Krumelur, Sensient, Shadow Fx, Minimal Criminal, Onion Brain ,Disfunction, Bezoar among others.


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