Gent Gjonbalaj is a passionate psychedelic trance DJ and Producer from Kosovo. His first contact with electronic music was back in 2003 and later on in 2006 he discovered the psychedelic trance scene which instantly got his attention. This new culture he discovered was something he felt strongly connected and quickly became a huge part of his life. After attending several parties in his hometown and continuing his exploration towards this new culture he discovered another passion in it, something that inspired him to go behind the decks himself and also start producing. His style can be described as an attempt to explore the perpetual nature of our universe through electronic frequencies that stimulate altered state of consciousness, free from culturally determined philosophical or theological interpretations, allowing voyagers to assess their own mystical experience. In 2010 he founded Mushroom Hunters record label which came as a natural development towards psychedelic trance culture. Label’s concept and sound is oriented into a sphere where nature takes hold of you, a deep dive into the web of nature and a journey into the core of a spiritual state. Never lose your roots. Stay close to the nature.

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