Guilherme Furlan was born in the city of Campinas-SP in 1993. He began to like psychedelic music in 2007 and a year later, he was risking in mixes of psytrance. As time passed, was discovering new styles, understanding your messages and adapting these aspects in her sets, looking to pass the true essence of music for the new consciousness and new horizons. Guiners actually comes winning your space on psychedelic scene, with organic, quantic, innovative and different sets. Bring with you a main influence Forest trance, Dark psychedelic, Hi-Tech and also the Suomi trance. He has performed on stage with Elowinz, Hutti Heita, Pandora's Box, Makadam, Loke, Goch, Necropsycho, Boteon, Janczur and Paula, Baphomet Engine, Dylalien, Zamurah, Megalopsy, Glosolalia, Wil'o Wisp, Automata Theory, Tyamat, Mad Scientist, Via Axis Criminal Minimal, among others ... Today, proudly represents the Biijah Records, Muamba Records, Other Dimension Records and the family of Grimm Records. Being one of organizers of the Psychofreaks party.

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