Luca, italian, currently residing in Fortaleza (Brazil), had his first contact with the parties in 1993, soon falls in love for goa trance and for psychedelic trance. After many years of experience in the dancefloors, in 2010 he begin play with cdj, in 2012 he play in the first party.


His serius work of research and mixing was soon recognized and in 2013 until 2014 he represent 3 of the biggest label of Goa Trance:

Neogoa Records, Cronomi Records e Timewarp Records.


In 2014 changes his focus from Goa Trance/Neogoa to Forest/Dark and passes to sign GloOm Music spanish label of night music, where he compiled VA "Gloomy Poison" and work as Co-Manager.

In 2015 he joins also to Grimm Records, label that represents the forest in Brasil. Currently his preparing two compilations that will be release soon: VA"Heart of the Forest" ( Gloom Music) and VA"Ancient Giants " ( Grimm Records)


Already performed at parties and festivals as: Terra em Transe, Ziohm, Boikot, Insight, Ressonar, Imagine (França) e Universo Paralello.


All his sets always follow a serius and aggressive psychedelic line for a public prepared for transcendental experiences.

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