Spooky Hertz

Spooky Hertz, is the new project by Tiago B. Jammal, a.k.a Zartroz. A new suggestion connecting accuracy technic, twisted knowledge and great focus on the details with a bit higher bpm. Graduated in Sound Engineering and Music Production at Point Blank Music School in London, where lived for four years, adding a lot to his professional and personal development. This new project is all about expressing his influences and experience through over his 10 years of psytrance around the world. For those who like naming, Spooky Hertz can be considered free style Psychedelic Trance. Essence music which does not hold on to tittles and established formulas. The idea is always to create grooved intense themes, aggressive leads and dark sensible textures, keeping it dancing. Thiago B. Jammal got featured into Worldwide Psychedelic scene with his project Zartrox, an experimental Psygressive that is influencing and motivating new projects around the world. In partnership with Bruno (Onionbrain), Jammal founded Uroboros Records, the first Label in America focused on Night time Progressive Trance.